Dopoint Electronic Component Distribution Business Unit delivers world-class electronic components from leading manufacturers .

Obsolete Management
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As int’l independent distributor for : All kinds of Electroni Components !

We provide Hard-To-Find , Discontinued , Obsolete Components , Shortage Sourcing , Unplanned Sourcing , Sample Production and BOM Management service for Components Supply.
-----Excess-Locator™ : Sell Your Excess , We Buy Excess
-----CDP™:Cost Down Program
-----Obsolescence Solution
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-----Die Banking Business

As authorized distributor for
Custom sensor , high-reliability integrated circuits, motion control, RF & Microwave !

Specialist in sensing, control and motion products, Dopoint offers customizable, reliable and efficient sensing components for mission-critical systems in Aerospace & Defense, Transportation, Energy & Infrastructures, Commercial OEMs, Industrial OEMs, Medical, Food and Beverage and Building Equipment markets.

Dopoint is one of leading distributor with high-reliability integrated circuits and packaging,  motion control and motors, microwave and RF devices, components and subsystems for the aerospace, defense, fixed broadband, wireless/mobile, and test and measurement markets.

Dopoint Electronics is the world's most comprehensive solution for mature and end-of-life semiconductors. We turn End-of-Life problems

into ...

Excess Management
Long-Term Die Storage-The Solution to Obsolescence

1. Security
2. Confidence in the banker’s ability to manage and store your product appropriately
3. Easy release of product when you need it
4. Preservation of product against deterioration.    and more ............................

Turn Your Excess of high valued components and equipments to Cash , Dopoint helps its manufacturing partners turn Your excess into Cash .
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